Electric Track Equipment (ETE)


Specialising in positive and negative DC cable installations to Network Rail and London Underground specification including:

  • Substation cabling: feeder cables, rectifiers, negative return and interconnecting cables
  • Mark 7 & 8 hookswitches, double jumper units (including three and four-way jumper units), and track isolating switches mounted at the side of the track / depot
  • Cable terminating lugs of Cembre / Sicame / Glenair Manufacture
  • Conductor rail heating
  • Fourth rail to running rail bonds (on London Underground)
  • Fishplate / continuity bonding
  • Transposition bonds (where circuits are transposed with insulated rail joints)
  • Cross bonding, wing rail, breather bonding and f bonds (bonding across points)
  • Advance plates with side leads and reinforcing cables
  • In-line jointing of cables, including 161mm2, 240mm2, 500mm2, 630mm2, 800mm2, 935mm2 and 1000mm2

Electric Track Maintenance (ETM)


Design & Installation of conductor rail including:

  • Conductor rail welding
  • Removal of fishplate joints and upgrading to fully welded joints
  • Fabrication of flood ramps, facing entry ramps and side entry ramps
  • Alterations to conductor rail layouts to suit signaling schemes
  • Forming of site-bent ramps
  • Insulating pots
  • Slipper boards
  • Guard boards (protection planking)
  • Safety blocks
  • Anchors (hammered, bolted and welded)
  • Short circuit bar protection
  • Shrouds